Why guys my age don’t want to get married

[Note: This whole post is an oversimplification, as usual. Sure, some guys my age are getting married. But the overall trend…]

Guys my age want girlfriends, not wives. Here’s why:

  1. Their friends aren’t married.
  2. Their heroes aren’t married.
  3. The older people in their lives tell them to wait, not get married so young.
  4. The friends they do have who are married aren’t cool or doing cool things.
  5. They know it means their expenses will double.
  6. They know they’ll give up more than half their freedom.
  7. They know it means sacrificing part of their career.
  8. They realize they’ll lose if they want a divorce.
  9. They don’t want kids, not that badly.
  10. They don’t want a wife – they want someone to make them look and feel cool.
  11. They want to be intimate without commitment.
  12. They think being single or just “in a relationship” is more fun (and usually they’re right).

The hard truth is that we do things to get something in return. At this point in our lives, what do guys really get out of being married? Nothing, nothing they couldn’t get outside of marriage.

The only thing marriage gives you is the ability to give way more than you ever thought possible. Frankly, guys my age don’t want that.