What would your slave do?

Here’s a question for you. You might even consider it a challenge because rarely does anyone think in these terms.

But here’t goes: if you had a slave, what would your slave do?

I could have called this person a “personal assistant” or a “personal robot” or a “hit man” or any number of things. But I think “slave” blasts the question in your face.

If you had complete control over someone, what would you tell that person to do?

A bit more about your slave:

  • Your slave isn’t afraid to do anything because it’ll do whatever you want it to do.
  • Your slave isn’t a superhero. Your slave would need training to accomplish difficult tasks and nourishment and sleep to stay healthy.
  • Your slave isn’t independent. Everyone knows it’s your slave, so its actions if found out would reflect directly on your reputation (e.g. if you want your slave to kill someone without anyone finding out you were involved, your slave can’t get caught).

Nothing stands between what you tell your slave to do and what it actually tries to do. Yes, your slave might fail, but it tries it’s heart out to complete whatever you tell it to do.

So what kind of training would your slave need (if any)? What kind of daily schedule would your slave keep? How would it stay healthy to accomplish all that you want it to accomplish? Could it survive on less in order to net more, or would your slave work better if you gave it extra attention to up the overall performance?

If you really want this thought experiment to rock your world, write it out… in detail. Everything you can possibly think of.

Once you’ve thought up the life of your slave, ask these questions:

Would your slave get anything done, or would you tell it to sit around all day? Would anyone remember your slave’s life, or would your slave’s existence fade into obscurity? Or end up somewhere in the middle?

Would your slave be a hero or a menace?

Just wondering.