Opening the comments here

For some reason, I’ve kept the comments closed here so far. A couple reasons that come to mind:

  • I didn’t want the discouragement of post after post with no comments (somehow, turning them off altogether was supposed to solve that).
  • I didn’t want to worry about spam.
  • I didn’t want to worry about moderating and replying to them.
  • I wanted to keep all the comment in one place (it gets crazy when they’re comments on Facebook, Twitter, a comment section and elsewhere).
  • Seth Godin has his comments closed, and he’s cool.

But after getting quit a few complaints, epecially since it looks like the comments are open but broken because of the link that I can’t get rid of.

I realized, though, that conversation and serving you guys is far more important than the reasons I had for keeping the comments closed.

Will I keep them up forever? Perhaps not.

For now, they’re open. Have at it, and I’ll see you there.

[Update: I’ve changed up the commenting again. You can read more about the new comment version here.]