Email ask [EXPERIMENT] – Week 3

This week felt a lot better than last week. I’m pretty sure I sent more than the required seven email asks, not to mention a flurry of Twitter, direct messages. After I hit my email quota for the day, though, I quit counting. Also, I stopped tracking requests I sent to friends.

So here are the ones I actually counted (with my apologies for not being more open about where they went yet):

  • Couch Surfer: I asked about traveling in Japan, what’s involved and what’s worth it to visit. This was actually a string of emails.
  • Churches: I emailed three churches this week asking about service times and locations.
  • TOP SECRET PROJECT: I have a project I may or may not be working on over the next few months, depending on how some people respond. I’ll let you know more about this when it’s more official. I’ll say, though, that one of these emails in particular included the big one I was putting off last week.
  • TOP SECRET PLANS: The others were again about some plans I have for Korea. These emails were pursuing a different option than what I mentioned in the first batch of asks. Lots of interesting stuff on the horizon.

So far, so good. It’s hard to believe I’m already into the fourth week of this thing. Only seven more to go, give or take a few extras from when I slacked off last week.