YouTube knows me better than other sites

I know that Google tracks what I do on the internet. I know they use this information to show me ads they think I’ll like.

I never click their ads.

I know Facebook tracks what I do on their site. I know they purposely use this information to show me stuff they think I’ll like, I mean like by clicking “like.”

I sometimes fall for Facebook’s tricks.

I just opened up YouTube, though. I guess I usually enter YouTube through a video, not directly on their home page.

I was stunned.

There on the front page, they showed me eight video thumbnails with the titles for each video below them. I wanted to watch every, single one of them.

Not just wanted, I actually did. I opened up eight separate tabs – so I wouldn’t lose the home page and get different videos when I went back to it – and watched every single video.

This is, to my knowledge, the best a site has ever done this to me. It feels like magic, but instead of “pick a card, any card, and I’ll tell you what you chose,” they’re saying, “I’ll tell you what you’ll choose first, so pick a video, any video…”