You’re not in Korea ’til you’re in Korea

Two weeks ago, I signed a contract, sent it along with a bunch of other papers to Korea, got my E2 visa on my passport… and still didn’t end up in Korea.

The school that hired me backed out last minute. They said new management came in and decided not to hire anymore English teachers from America. Just like that, they let me go. Pretty much anyway.

Thanks to my awesome recruiter, we worked it out so that I could have my visa sponsorship transfered to a different school, as soon as I found one to hire me.

Back to the job search. It was easier the second time. I knew a little more about the process, and I already had finished all the paperwork. I just needed a job and a plane ticket.

A few days later, the plane ticket arrives, actually they email it to me. Wow, I’m leaving. After about seven months of preparation, it still snuck up on me.

Here I am, the day of departure. I’ll fly to Chicago and then get an nonstop flight to Seoul. Pretty sweet, actually, except that the flight from Chicago to Seoul is 14 hours long in the middle of the night.

But really, I don’t even know if that’s going to happen yet. Before the first job fell through, I figured as soon as I signed a contract, it was a done deal. Now I’m jaded. I won’t believe it until I’m actually there. Still might not.

We’ll see. My next post might be from the other side of the world, or it might be from right here. Either way, talk with you then.