Your gift from me is yours

I’m writing this because someday, sometime, somewhere, somehow I’m going to give someone a gift they either don’t want, don’t need, or just would rather sell, re-gift, recycle, or throw away.

This might happen more often than I think it does. And that’s exactly why I want to publish this. Maybe I’ll start including a link here with every gift I give so everyone sees this (it couldn’t hurt the site readership either).

I want friends and family, employers and employees, enemies and other acquaintances I feel obligated to give gifts to all know that when I give you a gift, it’s completely yours to do with as you like.

Even if it means leaving the gift in the loft when you move. Even if it means conveniently forgetting the gift when you leave my place. Even if it means fastening the gift to a firework and launching it into oblivion (although if you do that, maybe get a video of it – it could be cool). Even if whatever…

You have my permission, even my blessing. It’s yours after all, to do with what you will. That’s what it means when I give and you get your gift.