You'll remember less than .001% of your life

You won’t remember much of your life. I’d guess less than a small fraction in fact.

I don’t have any scientific evidence to back this up. I appeal to your experiences.

Think back over 2009. How much of it do you remember? You probably can recall many events that occurred. I don’t doubt that. But how much can you really remember?

Can you remember one event for each day of the year? That’s 365 separate events. Try making a list of just 100. Or just 20.

Now when you look over that list, how many of those memories include time? Most of my memories are snap shots. It’s a lot more difficult for me to play back scenes from my life in real time.

How many of those scenes do you have?

If your memory served you well, you might feel pretty good about yourself right now. You might think you “showed” me.

But that was only for last year. Your memory is probably best for the past year of your life. Think back two years, three years, four… keep going. How far back can you remember? How many snap shots can you recall? How many “real time” scenes?

It’s scary how much I don’t remember. It’s not as though I have a break in my memory – it still feels like one continuous life. But for some parts, it’s like staring into complete darkness with my eyes wide open.

So legacy? Is it that important? You won’t remember much. Neither will anyone else.

If you’re living in your memories, you’re missing life. If you’re living to create memories, you’re missing life.

“Now” is what’s important now.