You might be a traveler if…

You have a passport.

You have your passport number memorized.

You’re from the US, but you measure temperature in Centigrade.

You hesitate when someone asks where you’re from.

You aren’t scared of people speaking other languages.

You feel like Cairo might be the safe choice for your next trip.

You buy clothes based on how quickly they’ll air dry.

You constantly have more than two time zones running in your mind.

You could visit multiple countries and just stay with friends.

You’re comfortable using gestures to communicate.

You grew up thousands of miles away from your closest friends.

You don’t have a mailing address.

You eat strange foods.

You ask your friends, not guidebooks, for recommendations for sights to see or food to try.

You see advertisements for exotic locations and remember where you ate when you were there.

You can (and do) say “thank you” in a bunch of languages.

You’ve slept in some strange places, but they don’t feel strange anymore.

You know geography from experience.

You get excited when you meet travelers and hear about where they’ve been.

You’re not scared of getting lost – you try to do it.

You take tons of photos but don’t have a big camera.

You roll your clothes when you pack.

You skype at least every week.

You appreciate toilet paper.