“You and your white T-shirts,” said Raquel

So as I’m hanging out with Raquel, she has me take this American Girl quiz online. I don’t even know what the quiz was supposed to discover about me, but this was one of the questions:

On any given day, your friends can count on you to wear a) stylish sunglasses, b) a white T-shirt, or c) an unusual outfit only you could pull off.

So I’m sitting there after she read me the question, thinking, Hmm… I do wear white T-shirts a lot, but I always have sunglasses. I’ll probably have to go with the sunglasses.

As I’m thinking this, though, Raquel jumps in and says, “Oh, good grief… that’s easy! I’ll just put (b) for you.”

I’m like, “Really? I don’t always wear white T-shirts.” My favorite long-sleeved shirts came to mind.

She’s like, “Oh, come on, look at you.” I had on a white T-shirt. “Sometimes I don’t even know if you ever change your shirts.”

Okay, that’s it. I guess you could say my white T-shirts are part of my reputation now. At least for Raquel.