Writing during the day

Lately, I’ve been writing earlier in the day. For a while there, I was writing all these posts after work at night.

I didn’t realize how much this constrained me. It felt pretty natural to write at night. It’s not like it’s difficult. Now that I’ve switched to daytime writing, though, I realize what a relief it is.

I still enjoy writing at night, but the pressure to publish isn’t cool. I don’t like having to write something before I can go to sleep. I’ve stayed up way too late way too many times as a result of that.

Plus, when I’m tired, sometimes it’s hard to come up with something to write about. I don’t want to get into anything deep because it’ll take too long to think and write out. So often I’ll end up bouncing between a bunch of different post ideas instead of sticking to one and getting it done the way I should.

The downside to writing during the day is that it’s hard to write about what’s happened that day because the day’s not over yet. But that’s okay. I don’t need to write about the day. It’s more interesting to write about how I’m feeling at the moment or what I’m thinking about.

We’ll see. I’ve switched to the daytime before, and it didn’t last. Maybe this time it’ll be more permanent. Maybe not. I guess I oscillate back and forth. For now, I’m enjoying the daytime.