Wonderful problems (choosing between enjoyment and enjoyment)

It’s hard for me to break away from what I was doing (writing, editing, and formatting an ebook) to write a blog post.

It’s a wonderful problem though. Or it seems wonderful.

Giving up doing one thing you love to do something else you love.

All the same, I think this wonderful problem occurs more often than I’d like to admit.

It’s wonderful because it means I’m involved in many activities I absolutely enjoy.

It’s a problem because it forces me to make a decision. And having to choose between enjoyment and enjoyment can be unenjoyable.

This time, I’m choosing to go with an urgent (i.e. needing attention now) commitment over the more meaningful commitment of finishing this ebook.

Or is it more meaningful?

Overall, I think this ebook, when finished, will make more of an impact than this post I’m now writing. But if I don’t write this post, might it lead me to give up on other commitments in the future?

If that were the case, writing this post might turn out to be the more important task of the moment. It’s so hard to tell.

That’s why this decision, between one activity I love and another activity I love, is a wonderful problem.


What do you do? How do you make these decisions?