Will they make up quotes for you?

Mark Twain didn’t say everything he said.

That is, many Mark Twain quotes aren’t actually from Mark Twain. Perhaps he said them but quoted someone else. Or perhaps we just attached unknown quotes to his name because they fit his style and the reputation of his work.

Twain’s not the only victim. Einstein, Churchill, Thoreau, Lincoln, Socrates and many others have unknowingly taken credit for words they never wrote or said. But that gets me thinking…

Misquoting someone, twisting their words to mean something they never meant, isn’t cool. But attributing a quote or other piece of work to someone that does fit that person’s style is a compliment. It shows that their ideas are well understood and well known.

So I wonder, what quotes will people make up for me?

Will they at all?

What about for you?