Will my Korean students remember me? How?

I won’t remember all of them. I’ve tried to keep up with pictures, and if somehow someone one day reminds me of them, of a particular situation perhaps, maybe I’ll remember something.

Otherwise, they’ll be lost in my memory. They’ll blur together.

For them, though, will I fade as fast? Will they forget about me? I never forgot any of the teachers I had, but I never had as many as they do. Still, I think they will remember, at least a little. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

Next question is, how will they remember me?

Will they remember me as the fun teacher? The boring teacher? The teacher they enjoyed? The teacher they hated? The teacher that taught them the most? The teacher that taught them nothing?

I’d rather be fun than boring. I’d rather be enjoyed than hated. I’d rather they remember what I taught instead of forgetting it all. But most of all – and I know it’s totally selfish – but most of all, I just want them to remember.