Why to write everything down

Write everything down so you won’t forget. You don’t have to reread anything. Like my college notes – I rarely reread them. Still, the process of writing everything down grounded it.

Write everything down because you don’t want to have to clog your memory with stuff you could write down and get off your mind.

Write everything down because you just want it out of your mind all together. Like talking it out, sometimes it just works.

Write everything down so in a year, six months, tomorrow you can see where you’ve been.

Write everything down to slow down to the pace of writing.

Write everything down to think clearly. Words on a page, even a digital page, can’t squirm around as much as words in your head. The inconsistencies shine through.

Write everything down because only a small fraction of it is worth anything to anyone else. And, most of the time, you won’t know which fraction is which unless you write everything down.