Why to wear a scarf

Scarves are my favorite winter clothing item. Yeah, I still like jackets, but I like scarves even more, which is pretty crazy. Here are three reasons I’m a fan.

  1. Rockin’ stylishness: I’m convinced that style, in many cases, is all about layering. And if that’s not true, it’s definitely all about details. The scarf wins on both counts. Even when everyone else is wearing them, which doesn’t usually happen, your material, color, and knot all offer tons of possibilities to show your unique style with a simple accessory.
  2. Toasty warmness: I’ve been known to opt for a scarf instead of shoes in the cold, definitely instead of gloves. It makes that big of a difference. Sure, you can sometimes wear a high-collared coat to mimic the effect, but it’s not the same because collars aren’t as thick as scarves.
  3. Super regulation powers, Batman!: Like zip-up jackets, scarves are easy to adjust to suit the temperature. Lap it over itself to cover your neck all the way up to your chin or even over your face, or loosen it to cut the wind but still allow some breathing room. When you don’t want any of the added warmth, just drape it over your shoulders until you do.

So go ahead, get used to them. There’s no going back once you do. And I mean that in the best of ways. 🙂