Why this generation doesn’t care about privacy

Back in the day, everybody knew everything about everyone in town. “Did you hear who Jill is dating now?” Everyone cared to know. There weren’t even enough stories to go around, so people made them up or exaggerated them.

Privacy got invented when people started doing things they didn’t want anyone to know about. And with privacy came stalkers trying to uncover and then spread those private stories.

Now, everyone could know everything about anyone in town, but there are too many people in “town” to keep track of everyone. The lack of time and energy to pay attention is the bottle neck now, not the lack of information or ability to get it.

So the new generation doesn’t care about privacy. The reason they’re on these social networks in the first place is to weasel their way into each other’s beds. They’re not scared someone will find their phone number, track them down, and rape them – they’re scared no one will call.