Why I’m passionate about the Internet

No one asked me this question. So having nothing to answer, I’ll reply. :>)

I found a greeky (great + geeky) video about the social media revolution. I don’t like calling the Internet’s interaction tools “social media,” but that’s what’s in style for now. So I’ll go with it. Here’s the video.

On facebook, I posted that this video gave some of the best reasons I’d seen for why I’m so interested in the Internet. That’s only partly true.

Yes, I’m interested in the Internet because I believe it’s the future of education, entertainment, and business (buying, selling, marketing, distributing, and everything in between).

But the real reason I’m so interested in the Internet is because of the personal interaction. Yesterday, within a couple hours, I found and connected with half a dozen new friends. I found a couple new blogs to follow. And I even found a blog that (briefly) wrote about this blog.

Just for the fun of it, here are some links:

I interact with people everyday online. It doesn’t beat face to face interaction, but it works. That’s why I’m passionate about the Internet: because of the people – the people – on the other side of the Internet.

I obscenely love (“love” isn’t a strong enough word anymore, I guess) interacting with people, becoming friends, sharing life. Anyone else I should connect with? Do you have any suggestions? Please – pretty please? – let me know.