Why I’m not mad about losing money (this time)

Toilet paper really only has one job to do, and it’s not to consistently rip in half lengthwise.

In other news, I got paid for the first time from McGill.

Since McGill is a Canadian university, I get paid in Canadian dollars. Thanks to its drop in value compared to USD just a few days ago, I lost about $200 off what I thought I’d get paid.

I could be mad about losing the money right now. I could probably live on $200 for a month here, to say nothing of the trips I could take.

But I’m here for more than money, so I’m thrilled. It’s still the biggest paycheck I’ve even gotten, I’m still saving more than I could anywhere else, I’m still experiencing a new culture, and I’m still going to enjoy cheap vacations to legendary sites around the world.

All that to say, I’m glad Saudi Arabia isn’t like toilet paper: it doesn’t have just one job to do.