Why I want to remind others

Today as I was rummaging through a bunch of old notes and junk, I found a thin strip of paper with just a few words printed on it:

Marshall Jones Mid-Term Grade: 101 A+

I hadn’t seen that in about three years. I remember that class. It was an intro to Philosophy class, one of my all-time favorites. And I did really well in it.

Seeing that reminder brightened my whole day.

  • Sometimes, I think that’s why I journal. I like to be encouraged by thoughts from the past. I’ll flip through old pages, reading a few quotes I’d jotted down or whatever.
  • Sometimes, I think that’s why I blog here too. I like to revisit some of the things I’ve written about in the past. I’ll scan through my own archives and surprise myself with things I don’t remember writing.
  • Sometimes, I think that’s why I like letters so much. They’re a fixed conversation form. I can continue to reread them as long as I have them around.
  • Sometimes, I think that’s why I enjoy rereading books. I get that chance for a new perspective on an old thought. It’s especially cool if I find some old notes scribbled in the margins too.
  • Sometimes, I think that’s why I like digging through old Facebook statuses and comments, @mentions on Twitter, and articles online that I’ve bookmarked.

I like reminding myself. Maybe that’s why it seems like such a good idea to me to remind the people I care about too.