Why I want to be a pacifist

  1. I want to fit in with “peace” culture. I don’t necessarily want to be a hippie, but I want to fit in with the people who say that “love” is the answer. I don’t want anyone to be angry. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. I want everyone to know that I’m that kind of person, one who loves. Killing, fighting, warring – I don’t think those fit the crowd I’d like to hang out with.
  2. Strict pacifism is clean. If I just decide I’ll never fight, that covers a ton of moral decisions, difficult ones at that. I won’t have to explain why I’d kill to save my daughter but not my neighbor’s daughter. No one always resorts to violence, so those who claim that it’s sometimes necessary have to make difficult, sometime compromising decisions. Strict pacifism avoids all that. It’s extreme, which I like. It creates a more black and white world. And black and white is easier.
  3. Pacifism feels more like Jesus to me. When I look at the life of Jesus on earth, I see nothing but pacifism. He told his followers to turn the other check, love their enemies, do good to those who harm them, repay evil with good. It’s straight up pacifism. And he lived it, not even arguing against his unjust execution. As one who wants to follow Jesus, pacifism feels more congruent with that way of life.

But I’m not a pacifist.