Why I want to adopt – 30 seconds version

I’m glad I took the time to write out the detailed responses I gave in the series about why I want to adopt. It’s a great place to point friends who want to learn more.

Most of the time, though, when people ask why I want to adopt, they’re really just looking for the 30 second version. They want to know whether it’s something that should ask me more about, or whether it’s just going to be a boring conversation.

So I’ve realized that I need a short version, not just a long version and not just a “check out these three links and then come back and talk to me more” version. Here then is the short version I’m running with for now, the version that doesn’t explain everything but that at least points in the right direction:

“Why do you want to adopt?”

I want to adopt because I grew up in an amazing family of seven, and it kills me to think there’s a child out there who doesn’t even have one person in the whole world who individually loves him. So I want to do something about that, something practical, something insane. And I want to encourage other people, like my friends, to do something about it too. That’s why I want to adopt.

And that’s my 30 second response.