Why I love Valentine's Day

Because everyone who doesn’t is insanely selfish.

Every year, around this Valentine’s Day time of year, I start hearing the complaints.

  • “I hate Valentine’s Day.”
  • “Valentine’s Day is depressing.”
  • “Yeah, go have fun with your girlfriend.” (Said with a snotty head tilt)

I could imagine some guy not liking Valentine’s Day because it means he has to buy something for his girlfriend. But that’s not who I’m talking about. That’s a different issue.

What I’m talking about are all the people who don’t have Valentines. A lot of them hate Valentine’s Day. And complain about it. And so on. (It’s almost another Monday.)

They feel bad for themselves. They wish they had a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife or fiance or whatever. So they’re miserable.

Not me.

I love Valentine’s Day. I love it because I love that other couples are outrageously happy. I love it because the air is filled with festivity and pheromones.

Perhaps most of all, I love Valentine’s Day because I don’t want to be that guy who hates it.