Why I haven’t posted on schedule lately

Okay, actually I’ll give a few reasons…

  1. Most of the things I’m doing here are so intense and new to me and that I feel like I’d need at least 1,000 words to explain even a small piece of them. It’s intimidating to try to capture these kinds of experiences.
  2. When I’m online, I start chatting with people. Skype, Facebook, Google Chat… interacting always seems more fun than writing. I think I only write in order to interact.
  3. The time and, more importantly, date difference still throws me. Half the time, I don’t even know if I’ve posted something for the day or not. I’m sticking to Louisville dates so the archives stay consistent. But on top of everything else, it’s just confusing.

So yes, just a bunch of excuses. Why do we feel compelled to share these? :>)