Why I don’t feel bad writing about Korea anymore

First, some back story. At first, I didn’t want to clog Marshallogue with posts on Korea. I wanted to keep the content timeless, with the exception of experiments and other life highlights.

I also didn’t want to get all lame on you by blabbing on and on about Korea when it has nothing to do with you.

So why did I change my mind? Why is the archive full of posts about my experience here?

I changed my mind because I realized that experience can be timeless, even if the experience itself is trapped in time.

Marshallogue will constantly evolve. For instance, I haven’t written much on parenting – I’m not a parent yet. Maybe my situation will change. If that happens, I’ll switch and start writing about it.

For now, I’m in Korea.

For now, maybe only my family, my friends here, and a few random college students considering Korea will read these posts. That’s fine. My audience will change again if I start writing about parenting. The college kids will run. That’s fine.

I can only write about what I experience. And for now, this is my experience. Thank you for reading if you do – no hard feelings if you don’t, from either direction, I hope.