Why I deleated my photos from Koh Chang

First off, it rained most of the time. That means I didn’t get many great photos anyway.

Secondly, the time I could have taken some good ones, like on the beach, I was actually on the beach, swimming, and didn’t want to risk bringing a camera along since it could get wet and stop working altogether.

Thirdly, though, I realized that this time I didn’t want to take pictures. I wanted to try a bit of an experiment instead.

I’d just finished taking like 400 photos in one day around Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom in Cambodia. As much as I enjoyed taking those shots, I felt sort of burnt out on photos. I wanted to just look and feel.

So I deleted the few pictures I’d already taken and resolved to put both my camera and its holster away for the rest of the trip.

Instead, it’ll make me capture the island another way: the palm trees on the beach, the coconuts in the sand, the mountains rising into the mist of the low hanging clouds. It’ll make me capture all this with the images in my mind and writing alone.

That, or I’ll lose it forever. We’ll see… but not in photos.