Why I continue reading blogs

At this point, the majority of the blog posts I read say pretty much the same thing. Some say it in a creative way, but I’ve pretty much heard it before. I try to find new stuff, but it’s tough.

Still, I keep reading. I read dozens of posts each week. I used to read more, but I don’t have as much time for that now. But still I keep reading.

I keep reading because it’s like playing slot machines. I know I probably won’t win big, but I’m still hoping for that off chance. Because when it happens, it makes all the rest worthwhile.

Once, I discovered polyphasic sleeping, which led to me getting interested in blogging.¬†Another time, I discovered world domination, which led to me getting seriously interested in travel. The posts weren’t the only factors in the changes I made as a result, but they were the¬†catalysts.

Overall, I try to ignore doing things “just in case” something bad happens, which is another lesson I picked up from a blog somewhere. But still, I have trouble ignoring the upside risk, situations where “just in case” means the possibility of winning big time.

I wonder what the next big time win will be.