Who wants to go first?

Ever invite friends to join you in a buffet-style meal at your place? As guests, you want them to go first, but none of them want to go first because, well, no one ever wants to go first.

A friend of mine, Dru, has lived in Louisville without a car for three or four years now. In some cities, that might be normal, but in Louisville, it’s not so easy. But he’s doing it. He’s showing that it’s possible to live in Louisville without a car. He’s the first among my friends.

Derek Sivers gave some commentary on a guy dancing at a concert. After going on his own for a while, another guy joined the first dancer. Then another. Then another. Then a bunch. Then everyone.

Going first doesn’t guarantee that others will follow. No one’s followed Dru yet (yet!). No one had to follow dancing man. It’s pretty certain, though, that no one will follow unless someone does go first.

Another thing to consider: if you’re comfortable going first, it seems like sometimes it’s best to go for it. It makes those in line behind you feel comfortable following.