Which man to marry

Guys are selfish. I’m a guy.

Guys think about sex. But guys also, on rare occasions, think about who to marry. So they ask, “Which women should I marry?”

See what I mean? Selfish.

Why not ask, “Which man should a woman marry?” Why not turn the question around like that? Why not become that man any woman should marry? Why not? Because it’s blippin’ hard. But that’s what I’m trying to do.

So I ask, “Which man should a woman marry?” If a woman, a wonderful woman, asked for my advice on which man to marry, what advice would I give? Here’s where I hope I’d start:

“If he’s the most wonderful man you’ve ever met and the most wonderful man you’ll ever meet, marry him.”

Check it out: that’s not the only requirement, just a fantastic starting point to rule out more than 99% of “the guys.”