Where do you like spending money?

Some people like spending money on clothes. Other people like spending money on alcohol. Still others enjoy cars or TVs or movies or drugs or games or concerts or traveling or education or fancy restaurants or family events or holidays.

What about you?

I like spending on new things. That’s pretty broad, though, and my version is more limited. Like I don’t particularly enjoy spending on new clothes or new songs for the iPod I don’t have.

Instead, I enjoy spending on new experiences, especially cultural or social experiences. I’ve enjoyed my trips around Korea, including North Korea, and hopping over to Japan by ferry. I enjoyed trying to snowboard, trying to eat new foods, and trying to live in a foreign country in general.

I don’t mind spending money going out to eat because that means hanging out with friends. But I’d prefer to avoid high-end coffee shops and instead hit up cheap restaurants because, to me, the amazingness of the food or decor doesn’t necessarily correlate with the amazingness of the gathering.

Those are some of my preferences for spending money. But everyone’s different. Where do you like spending money?