What’s a life experiment?

Life experiments are experiments in living differently.

Life experiments don’t have to be major changes. Anything you do that’s a purposeful and documented change in how you live is, to me, a life experiment.

For most life experiments, I don’t get too formal with it. I usually agree to take one specific action for a set amount of time or until a set goal is reached and track the results as I go.

Some experiments might require more planning, more meticulous observation, whatever. Depends on the nature of the experiment.

I’ve found, though, that the successful experiments, that is, the ones I’m able to follow through with, are usually the simplest. If it gets too complicated, it’s usually too difficult to integrate into my normal life.¬†Hard is okay. Even extreme can work. Complicated is where it gets tough.

As experiments, the goal is to keep them temporary. This isn’t habit change. It’s more of a test. By nature, they’ll continue to impact how you think even after you finish, but I try to keep the external affects reversible. Like at the end, I want to be able to break off the experiment completely.

Last but not least, life experiments are interesting, at least for the experimenter. If there’s no curiosity, the experiment won’t work.

The experiments don’t have to tie into some grand scheme or life purpose. Most of the time, you won’t know where they’ll end up. But as an experimenter, you have to be curious enough to want to know, to experience the difference. You have to be inspired.

Especially for me, I have to stay inspired through my experiments. If I don’t, who else will?