What would it take to write a story from life each day?

Some ideas:

  1. I’d have to start paying more attention to the people around me. It’s one thing to write what I’m thinking, but to tell a story, I’d have to be more interested, get more input from the world outside me.
  2. I’d have to interact with more people more often and for longer and deeper than I do right now.
  3. I’d have to do things with these people or to them or at them or away from them. Stories need some kind of motion or journey, not just a casual conversation with a friend.
  4. I’d have to get better at understanding what motivates other people and more comfortable making up motivations when I’m not sure what those people are thinking or why they’re acting the way they do.
  5. I’d have to carry a pad of paper with me and bring it out to take notes all the time.
  6. All that, and I’d still probably have to learn how to process my thoughts as stories in order to keep up.