What I learned while dealing with WordPress files

Right about now, I’m thinking WordPress blogs can hurt.

I set up a blog, bondChristian.com, about a year ago. I posted on it for about six months, then someone with a kind face hacked into it. Not a hacker, like the kind that brilliantly creates new, cool, amazing stuff. No… one of those low-life type that does it to hurt other people.

As a result, my blog’s been out of commission for the past six months. I kept getting back to it to try to bring it up to speed but… yeah, every time I did, I found something new I needed to fix.

Why the hurry to get the blog going now

I’ve been working on a short ebook, some might call it a report or a manifesto, to post on bondChristian.com. The manifesto (my favorite term for the moment) still looks very much like an outline, because it is, at this stage. Still, I want to start working to get the site up and going so I can post the manifesto.

What I’ve learned through this experience

1. I enjoy writing but hate reinstalling WordPress and plugins and dealing with passwords and saving files and so on. Take home lesson: don’t become a programmer. I thought about it. I thought about learning to program. I still will continue to learn about programming so I can work with programmers.

I still enjoy tweaking to see how stuff works. I just don’t like being the one to actually get in there and tweak it. I’m the creative type, not the creator type. A valuable lesson.

Do what you enjoy (if you can) because you’re better at it. Outsource the rest (because someone else probably enjoys it and’s better at it).

2. If I stay inside working on this stuff too long, eventually my creativeness drains away. Take home lesson: get off the computer and go swimming.