What does age measure, or matter?

The other day, I met and talked with someone who’s a year younger than I am.

When I realized that, I was like, Wow, she’s really young. I even started thinking, Wow, she’s really young to be doing such and such. I was impressed, but I was still judging, judging.

But then I starting thinking back on myself a year ago. When I think back on who I was last year, I’m like, Yeah, I could have done that then. I didn’t feel so young then.

Is this how everyone feels, especially as you get older? I’ve often heard people say things similar things about those who are younger than them. To me, it always sounded condescending.

Now that I’m doing it, though, I’m more interested in why. Why didn’t I feel so young then? Why does it feel so young now?

It’s easy to associate being younger with being – I don’t know – not as mature. But it doesn’t have to matter. Thing is, age only measures external change. It doesn’t have to define who the person actually is.