What do you recommend? (Part 3)

[Read Part 2 here.]

Tracking both what you talk about and what you use will highlight contradictions. You’ll find what you talk about is different from what you use.

Take a classic example. You say, “I hate my job,” but go to work the next day. Either quit the job, or quit whining about the job.

Otherwise, you’re saying one thing, that you hate the job, but doing another, continuing in what you hate. It’s a contradiction.

Remember this:

  • What you recommend is what you support.
  • What you support is what you serve.
  • What you serve is literally what your life is all about.

If your recommendations are contradictions, what does that say about your life?

Cut the contradictions. Talk about what you use. Use what you talk about. Recommend consistently.

Now… what do you recommend?