What do you recommend? (Part 1)

More than ever before, your recommendations matter. Once upon a time, you’d recommend the local butcher, and guess what, your friends would visit the local butcher.

They wouldn’t visit because of your recommendation though. They’d visit because the local butcher happened to be the only butcher available.

That’s not true anymore. Now we have options galore. Influence now isn’t (necessarily) about creating, because so many options have already been created. Now influence is based on recommendations.

You recommend a book. Your friend reads the book. Most likely, your friend reads the book because you and perhaps others recommended the book.

Your friend used to visit the local butcher because that butcher was convenient. Who after all wants to travel to another village to buy meat?

Now your friend reads the recommended book because it’s convenient. Who after all wants to wade through the millions of pages of literature?

Recommendations matter now. What do you recommend?

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