What do you do when the deadline passes?

It’s a legit question.

When I ran (read: tried to finish) the marathon, they told me I had to get off the street. The time ran out, and I hadn’t finished.

I could keep running, they said, but on the sidewalk.

I was done. That was it.

I didn’t have any gas left to keep going once the time ran out.

That’s how it usually is for me. If there’s a deadline, I’m all in right until the end, especially if the deadline is tight. I’m pretty competitive like that.

But as soon as the deadline passes, I feel the defeat and immediately give up.

What do you do?

Do you keep going, like those motivation YouTube videos of running tripping and falling and then getting back up to finish the race with a broken foot even though there’s no chance of them getting anything but last place?

Or do you quit, like me?

Is one better than the other?