Waking up from the dream

I’m the opposite of the rest of the Internet right now. The rest of the Internet dreams of quitting their job and traveling the world. I don’t right now. I just did that.

Over the past three years, I’ve visited about 20 countries on about five continents. I’ve seen jungles and deserts, mountains and prairies, cliffs, beaches, oceans, lakes, rivers, and even a glacier. I’ve partied in cities with way too expensive food, and I’ve given away food to children who don’t have much in rural villages. I’ve gone to rock concerts and church services, made friends from dozens of nationalities, and taken photos to help me remember.

And I saved money doing all this, thanks to my tremendous ability to speak my mother language, grow “white” skin, and get born in the United States of America.

Pretty much, I’ve lived the dream life over the past three years, the life everyone online dreams of quitting their job to pursue (or so it seems).

But now I’m done. At least for now, I’m done. I’m done moving every couple months. I’m done trekking the globe. I’m done struggling through new language encounters. I’m done relaxing on the beaches, hiking the hills, and seeing the sites that have stood the test of time.

I’m done living the dream, that one anyway. I want to wake up now and see if I can help provide the opportunity for someone else. I want to wake up and then see if I can dream another dream.