Typefaces, logos, and design: Can you help me learn?

Last Saturday night, I spent about three hours reading, observing, and learning more about typography. Mostly, I read through the blog, I Love Typography. The short course on creating a typeface captured my attention. And since it left a lot out (perhaps not always a bad thing), I ended up hunting down a bunch of other resources through Google.

Yesterday after fiddling with the design here, I got to thinking more about logos. Hmm, I wondered, Is there an I Love Logos blog? Sure enough, there actually is. Kinda. The one I found is called Logo Design Love and gave me quite a lot to consider.

Speaking of love, though, I’d love to hear from you if you’re into design. Particularly, I’d love it if you could point out some blog posts that either teach general principles of design or specifically how to create something. I love examples too, but I’ve already looked through hundreds of them. I’d like to dig into more of the theory and art behind them so I have more than inspiration to start creating of my own.

If you can point me to anything, let me know.