Two video education sites you should know about and check out

Normally, you’d want a post about the top 10 education sites or something like that. You’d want a lot to chose from. But there’s no need here.

These sites – just these two – rock.

1. TED: Ideas worth spreading

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, but it’s long since busted those limitations. The videos are shot at the invitation-only TED talks, world reknowned for the movers and shakers (and rockers) who attend and present.

The content ranges from neoro-psychology to philosophy to economics to politics to art. Definitely expand your thinking with these – ahem – well, thinkers.

Someday I’ll be there. For now, I love the opportunity to sit in via video.

2. Academic Earth: Courses from leading universities

While the TED videos are more keynote-like, Academic Earth videos are straight up lectures. Might not sound like much fun, but it can be. Especially if the lectures are from the best professors from the best universities in the world. Think Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Indiana University Southeast. Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.

Perhaps I have a special affinity for this site too because I found it when it was brand new and now it’s getting huge. Anyway, these videos take you far deeper than the TED talks in exploring a particular subject.

Check ’em. Both sites combined offer an unprecedented (you like that word?) opportunity for discovering new ideas and delving further into topics you might not know much about. This is the continuing education of the future.