Yep, I’m 21 years old today.

That means I was born in 1989.

Over the last few years, this has been a lot of fun. In college, I looked way too young, so most people assumed I was a freshman even when I was about to graduate. Truth be told (which is a phrase I rarely use), I was 19.

But those who knew I was about to graduate assumed I was about 23ish or older. But they were still confused because they knew I looked young.

And what’s even better, now that I’m 21, I still look like a 12-year-old some… most of the time.

But that’s it – now you know (if you didn’t already). Now my age is public so all the guessing games go away…

…or maybe I’ll keep them going and see if anyone’s tenacious enough to Google it to find.

[P.S. And to everyone who’s been involved in making this birthday possible, thank you so much. So long… and goodnight.]