I haven’t published a birthday post since 2014.

I reread that post just now. I’d just returned to the United States at the time. I flew in a biplane. I was trying to continuing moving toward more of a present-less birthday.

Today, three years later, quite a bit has changed. I’m married now, firmly into starting a family. We bought a house (or, more accurately, are buying a house with payments each month). I’ve worked at Sonitrol for three years now. We released our first single with Hunchback Whale.

Today was Derby. I woke up fairly early, the way I have been for the past eight months or so. I made some tea, turned on a podcast, and started washing some dishes. Meagan went to work a little before 10:00am. I ended up eating three bowls of instant, brown sugar oatmeal.

Gage and I just kind of hung out around the house. It was rainy outside, so I wasn’t able to get out and mow the lawn or anything. I’d wanted to do some backyard camping with an accompanying bonfire, but the ground was too wet for that.

When Meagan came home, we did some more household choirs and a quick errand to Walmart for some bedbug bombs. She cooked some steaks, and I took a late-afternoon nap. We ate dinner, and then she surprised me with a trip out for ice cream, where my parents, Ted, Raquel, and Zach joined us.

Back at the house, I feel full.

There’s a lot I feel like I’m trying for right now. There’s a lot going on. But looking back at where we’ve been, even just today, I feel full. And relaxed.