Tumbleweed: Tiny houses

Leo Babauta pointed me to Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. This is the first I’ve seen them. I particularly liked the EPU, an 89 sq. ft. version.

They’re not quite what I hoped for. They seemed too mobile to be real houses but too real to be mobile. Building permits mess things up. Still, I like the do-it-yourself packages, and the idea of down-shifting into smaller homes.

Back when my parents wanted to build a new house, I read a book called The Not So Big House. The book promotes quality over quantity and offers suggestions for how to make that happen.

I like that, especially in a home. Because it means replacing gaudy, open spaces with small alcoves and lofts and niches.

Jay’s Tumbleweed Houses create that feeling too, like quaint, fairytale cottages. I appreciate that.