Tuesday Tags

A few weeks back, I started Tuesday Tags on facebook. I want you to join.

Tuesday tags works like this. On Tuesdays, you post the following in your facebook status.

TUESDAY TAGS (Tag someone and tell ’em why): [tag + “because” + reason you’re tagging this person]

For example, one of my tags last week looked like this:

TUESDAY TAGS (Tag someone and tell ’em why): Jacob Lyons because his status, after seeing three others, finally convinced me to try, try again for the magic circles facebook trick.

An important part of Tuesday Tags is [ahem] the tag. (Note in the above example, I changed the link to Jacob’s twitter profile because facebook doesn’t currently allow links from outside.)

On facebook, if you enter “@” plus a friend’s name, you’re able to choose from a list of possible friends to tag. If you click on one of the friends listed, your status will include a link to that friend’s wall, and it’ll also post your status on the friend’s wall automatically.

Pretty cool, huh? Everyone loves getting tagged because it means someone is thinking of them. Tuesday Tags is a way to spread the love.