Top 10 Confessions of an A- Student

For literally years now, I’ve wanted to produce a guide with some of my thoughts on how to do well in college. Well, I finally broke down and whipped something together.

Top 10 Confessions of an A- StudentA Guide for University

No fancy cover art. No fancy writing. It might even be less than mediocre. I scrounged everything together from posts I’d written before on Marshallogue. The plan is to continue to improve it, not leave it as a static book.

Point is, it’s free. It’s out there. It’s up. It’s here.

I’ll share more tomorrow about why I decided to do this in such a ridiculous hurry (I put the whole thing together in an evening). For now, check it out if you’re interested. Or, more importantly, if you know someone who might be interested, like a university student, pass it on.

‘Preciate it.