Tony Impellizzeri's Pizza

Tony Impellizzari’s pizza is the best pizza in the whole, entire world.

The pepperoni is excellent. Sometimes the cheese is my favorite. I go back and forth.

Tony has a brother, Benny, who has a restaurant across town. Benny has some of the best pizza sausage. But Tony’s pizza is better overall.

It’s all in the sauce. Most pizza places all get their sauce from two places. Tony makes his own and has spent a career making it tasty, zesty, and spicy… not so sweet like most pizza sauces.

So if you’re ever around Louisville, check it out:

108 Vieux Carre Dr
Louisville, KY 40223-3202
(click for a map)

Mention Rocky Jones, my dad, and you’re suddenly pals.

^And that, guys, is info I should be charging for.