Thoughts before Korea, thoughts for afterward

Let’s go back in time and check out something I wrote about a year and half ago. Back then, I was prepping to move to South Korea. I hadn’t left yet. I hadn’t experienced this past year yet.

So what did I say?

I mentioned something about a business, something I’m totally not working on right now. I also mentioned something about possibly going after an MBA. I had no idea I’d start a degree in Korea, much less start it and finish it, in Intercultural Studies, though, not business.

Back then, I didn’t know whether or not I’d stay in Korea, return to America for good, or plan to move somewhere else afterward. But I did say there’s some stuff I was considering that I didn’t want to mention yet. That was Saudi.

I said there’s a family in there somewhere. Then I listed it: marriage, kids, adoption. I didn’t know the plans might get reversed: adoption, kids, marriage. I still don’t know that for sure. We’ll see.

The whole point of the post, though, was that I didn’t know what would come next, and that’s the way I liked it. Now, a year and half later, I know more about what happened. But I still don’t know what’s coming next.

And that’s the way I like it, still.

That said, let’s make some new predictions, just for fun. What’s coming over the next year and a half?

First off, I’d like to travel some more. I love traveling. Let’s add India to the mix, maybe somewhere in Africa like Egypt, and a return trip through part of Europe.

I’ll probably develop a crazy decent tan along the way, because I tan well and so does the desert. I’ll probably gain some weight too, in a good way.

I’m guessing I won’t learn Arabic, but hopefully I’ll learn lots about the food. I won’t go after any degrees either, even though my mom’s already asking about a PhD. Instead, I’ll save money for my adoption fund and learn something else I’ve been wanting to learn for years, something I’ll keep secret for now.

Most of all, I hope to meet another hundred people or so and develop deep friendships with at least a dozen of them. That’s the best part. I’ll take lots of photos too, but a bunch of them will get boring because of all the sand.

Overall, I’m totally looking forward to this next year and half. Life is the journey.