Thornton's and the value of throwing bones

Last year, I wrote about a Thornton’s gas station nearby that gave away totally free, fountain drinks and coffees the first summer they were open.

Yesterday, Thornton’s – not just one but many of them in my area at least – gave away drinks and coffees again. This time, it was only for one day.

But guess what? I remembered that summer when they gave drinks away for free. I hadn’t forgotten, but following-up sure cemented that brand in my mind.

So while BP is now known for giving out free oil, Thornton’s – to me – is now known for giving out free drinks. And I like them for it.

For the rest of you, do something remarkable (like giving away free stuff all summer) and then throw us a bone every once and a while (like free stuff for a day). We’ll remember you and like you for it.

[Side note: I like Thornton’s so much, I even went through the trouble of trying to ‘like’ them on Facebook. WHAT!?! Thornton’s doesn’t have a fan page?

Okay, Thornton’s, hire me… the first hour I work for you, I’ll give you at least $10,000 worth of value. Seriously.]