This year is about to get crazy

I’m not sure 2013 will be jam packed with as much travel as 2012, but it’s still about to get crazy. Chillin’ in Louisville, Kentucky for the past five months or so kind of lulled me into forgetting how crazy it is to move to Saudi Arabia. It’s felt normal to me for a while now, so much so that it hasn’t even really worried me at all.

Now it’s almost here. If all goes as planned, I should be flying out this month. And suddenly, it’s starting to feel real again. That feeling of landing in a foreign country and not knowing anyone. That feeling of walking into a classroom and not knowing anything about the students. That feeling of… not knowing.

It’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I’d forgotten.

Or maybe it’s not that I’d forgotten so much as that it hadn’t felt as close and real lately.

Now it’s all coming back. Like, Man, I don’t know how to teach over there. What am I going to do?┬áBut then remembering that I really do know how to teach foreign students, that I love learning how even when I don’t, and that I’m actually good at it, surprisingly.

Like, Man, I won’t have any friends over there. Can I even make them? But then remembering I know how to do that, that I love it, and that the feeling of having to find new friends is also something I enjoy.

And yeah, moving to Saudi and teaching and friending are only a piece of the crazy pie for this year. I have some trips up my sleeve. Some, yeah, secret projects I’ve started… man, I’m excited, and we’re only three days into the year.