Think like a kid – Don’t plan past your decade

Right now, I’m in my early 20’s, and I have zero plans for after I hit 30. I plan to keep it that way.

I’m sharing this because, one, I think it could be useful for you to try, and, two, it will be a reminder of how I think now. Maybe I’ll change my mind later. If I do, I want to document that.

For now, my life ends at 30.

Short sighted or strong sighted

Limiting plans to one decade might seem short sighted, like, “Oh, you need to plan further ahead. You’re not thinking long-term.”

I prefer to think of it as strong sighted. Instead of stretching myself, my goals, my life, over a bunch of decades, I’m cramming it all into one.

I’ve come to realize you can knock out most dreams, even the biggest, most outrageous ones, within one decade. Dreams are not only possible but decadeable.

The plan to limit plans

Thing is, most people don’t think seriously beyond one decade anyway. Most don’t even go beyond a year. We think we’re planning way into the future, but really we’re just stretching what should fit into a decade into a lifetime.

It’s procrastination. “I’ll do that later – I have time.” It’s too easy to say that or think that. But next year, you don’t start. And the next year after that, you don’t start. And the next, next year…

Maybe I’m still too young and naive. We’ll see. Like I said, that’s part of the reason I’m posting this. For now, I think this idea, this plan to limit plans, is helpful.

When you were five, you didn’t plan ahead. Do you wish you had? What about when you were 15? Looking back, I don’t wish I’d planned more – I wish I’d done more at the time, at the moment, when I could.